Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Technology and Paranormal Investigation

There are many groups and individual researchers out there today who are going above and beyond when it comes to developing new technologies are incorporating existing technologies into the field of paranormal investigation. Some of these people are active in the field, others are merely hobbyist in one discipline or another such as electronics engineering or audio engineering. Still others have little interest beyond their own need to find answers but the work they are doing adds to the field of paranormal research and expands the possibilities for all of us who brave that great undiscovered country and move forward into the darkness to search for the light of truth.
I would like to take a moment out to bring some of these folks to your attention and where possible, give a link to their websites so that you can check out what they are doing and how it benefits us all as seekers of truth and knowledge. Let's start out with some fascinating work being done with regards to software and data input for investigators to make documenting those investigations and other vital information more centralized and streamlined.
I direct your attention to the Ghost Hunters Web website where they are developing an online service for paranormal investigators and investigation groups to streamline the process of documentation, contact with those needing assistance, questions, group management and evidence presentation as well as storage and cataloging. The information on this tool, which is still under developement, looks very promising and I for one think that this is an awesome tool that could aid all researchers and investigators. I have also seen the potential in this for a huge central repository of information on anomalous phenomena from around that world that could be shared between investigators and accessed from around the world.
If you would like to learn more, the website can be found at and they appreciate your interest and if you like what they are doing, let them know and you can also suggest anything they might have missed for consideration of including in the final product.
A great source for information on just about anything related to ghosts and hauntings can be found at the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena or ASSAP. The website has tons of information on a variety of subjects and if you know anything about the world we paranormal investigators live in, you know that there is always debate and difference of opinions when it comes to certain things. Where we differ from other disciplines is that we are more often than not willing to listen to a different opinion and then weigh what we know with what we have learned. The ASSAP website gives you clear, accurate information that you can really use and it makes it easy to understand. You can check out their website at Believe me when I say that you won't be disappointed.
So you have heard about things like EVP, Transcommunication and phone calls from the dead but you aren't really sure what to think about it all. One place you can turn to for information, techniques and thought provoking articles is the organization that used to be called The American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena or AA-EVP. These days, the group is now known as Association Transcommunication or ATransC. I have had my own personal experiences with group members and I really applaud the work they are doing in the field of Electronic Voice Phenomena and Transcommunication as well as their undying belief in the continuation of life after this life. Not only are they informative and helpful but they take the time to answer your questions and they really are passionate about the work they do. Check out their website at to find out more.
Those of you who have been watching the ghost hunting shows on t.v. know that there is definitely an upsurge in the coverage of paranormal investigation shows that you can view. Some are questionable while others seem to be on the cutting edge of obtaining real evidence and doing it in a way that adds not only credibility to the investigators but to the field of paranormal research as a whole. I have been a favorite of the Ghost Adventures crew since they first came on television with their investigation of the Gold Field Hotel and have been hooked ever since. Zak, Nick and Aaron are real people and you don't get the "made for t.v. production" feeling you get with some other shows. These are investigators doing it the way we all do it at one time or another and who can forget the first time you captured a voice of a person who wasn't there or saw something moving in the shadows and then heard it whisper your name.
But all accolaides aside, there is a group of people that I have really come to identify with and their take on the paranormal and how we should be investigating it really mirrors my own beliefs and methods so much that I wish I could investigate with them at least once. I am speaking of course of the Ghost Lab team. Brad and Barry Klinge and their team have brought the science of paranormal investigation to the television in a way that no other group has. They use scientific method and field experimentation to prove or disprove theories about certain aspects of anomalous phenomena. If there were ever to be a ground breaking series for t.v. about paranormal research, it would have to go hands down to the team from Everyday Paranormal and their show, Ghost Lab. Check out their group website at
Well that about does it for this post. Check back soon when I have more for you to check on. There are some really excellent paranormal research sites out there and you can count on CRPIS to bring them to your attention.

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