Tuesday, April 27, 2010

After Much Consternation, Here Is The CRPIS Official Blog

Well, after the demise of the website and the breaking off of group members to found their own group, the Coulee Region Paranormal Investigation Society is back on the net and prepared for some interesting investigations in 2010. With new associations formed with other paranormal investigators around the globe, the CRPIS is now poised to bring it's three fold mission to other groups and work towards the establishment of professional and meaningful partnerships with fellow investigators from Scotland, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and nations in the Orient such as Japan and yes, even China.
Our mission statement has not changed, we still believe in and adhere to our goals to help those beset by anomalous phenomena to better understand what they are experiencing and discover the reasons behind it as well as effective and positive ways for dealing with it. We still strive to utilize the best practices and methods for field research that are accepted in the paranormal investigation community to document and catalog phenomena as it occurrs and we also seek to inform and educate wherever we go by dispelling myth and Hollywood dogma with real answers and scientific observations.
CRPIS is proud that we have never charged for our investigations and we plan to keep it that way. The work we do is a win/win for us and the clients we serve. Hopefully, when our work is done, we have answers they need to better understand the phenomena as well as things they can do to deal with it positively and the knowledge and evidence we stand to gain while helping people makes it a positive situation all the way around. But the real bonus to the work we do is the advancement of man's knowledge about himself and the world around him and how death is not an end but another path, a door that opens to another realm of existence and life beyond the physical.
We hope you will check back often for upcoming features about new equipment, software and methods for getting the most reliable and factual evidence in any paranormal investigation. From time to time, we may offer up software we have tested and trialed in our own work for you to examine and trial yourselves. In addition to those things, we will provide details of the cases we are working on to you so that you can see how an investigation is conducted and the information we obtain during these missions. It's going to be a great year for CRPIS and we welcome you along for the ride.

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